TPA Encouraged by FCC’s Move to Sell Spectrum to Deploy 5G Wireless Networks

David Williams

July 12, 2018

For Immediate Release
Contact: Grace Morgan
July 12, 2018 
(202) 855-4380

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) praised the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and their move to free up wireless spectrum to help speed up the deployment of 5G wireless services. Spectrum is the invisible airwaves that allow us to talk, text, post, watch, monitor, and research from the convenience of a mobile device.  Spectrum is also a financial asset with taxpayers reaping the benefits of the government selling to the spectrum.  

TPA President David Williams noted that, “During this week’s Open Meeting, the FCC took a good step forward with freeing up more mid-band spectrum as it considers a Notice of Proposed Rule making regarding the 3.7-4.2 GHz band.  The leadership at the FCC knows the global race to 5G is on, and they are working diligently to position the U.S. to win the race to 5G.” 

Williams continued,5G is expected to bring speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s 4G networks and operate in near real-time. That means movies will download significantly faster and apps will load almost instantaneously. It also means that virtual reality enabled healthcare, education, and job-training technologies that require a real-time connection to be effective can flourish.  With red tape out of the way and the right resources in place, 5G networks will be built nationwide in a timely manner.  Deploying 5G will help close the digital divide with spending taxpayer dollars on government-owned networks and that’s why’s it’s also important for the FCC to set aside money to help unserved and underserved areas. And, it’s important that any money be allocated to unserved areas be technology neutral.”

Williams concluded, “The dog days of summer may be upon us, but it’s good to see that the FCC isn’t slowing down. The global race to 5G is on, and the FCC focused on taking actions that will position the U.S. to take the lead. Ensuring a diverse spectrum pipeline is absolutely part of the equation for success.