TPA Unveils New Television Ad Opposing Special Legislative Session in Maryland

David Williams

August 1, 2012

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) today announced the release of “Being Played,” (click here to view the ad) the second in a series of television ads opposing the recently-announced special legislative session in Maryland to expand gaming.  Governor O’Malley also wants to form a special secret commission to set tax rates for casino operators.  Creating a commission to determine tax policy solves nothing; any recommendations it makes are non-binding.   This is just a ploy to prevent legislators from openly supporting casino special interests at the expense of Maryland taxpayers before the fall elections.  It is a textbook example of politicians trying to avoid accountability.  Earlier this year, the Maryland General Assembly passed and Governor O’Malley signed legislation raising income taxes on workers making more than $100,000, families earning in excess of $150,000.  The state increased the marriage penalty and shifted pension costs to localities, engaging in some creative accounting to hide its unfunded obligations.   Maryland’s state-local income rate now stands at 8.95 percent — the fourth-highest in the nation.  At the same time, Governor O’Malley has been trying to convene a special session to work out a plan to give a tax break for casinos, particularly a casino at National Harbor.  This special session could cost Maryland taxpayers $15,000 per day.