TPA President to Speak on Global Tax Panel at European Resource Bank Meeting in Brussels

David Williams

September 7, 2012

Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) President David Williams will be speaking on a panel titled, “Global Taxes: It’s a Small (Expensive) World After All,” at the European Resource Bank (ERB) meeting on September 9, 2012.  The ERB is the largest international gathering of free market and taxpayer groups from around the world.   This year marks the ERB’s 9th meeting.  Williams will highlight a new United Nations’ World Health Organization initiative to increase tobacco taxes. Global taxes have become the new frontier for international bureaucracies such as the United Nations.  Raising any taxes in a sluggish economy is a bad idea.  Click here to view and sign the petition and learn more about this issue.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown its total disregard for the economic impact of such a tax.  WHO has publicly stated, “Do not allow concerns about employment impact to prevent tobacco tax increases,” and “Do not allow concerns about the inflationary impact of higher tobacco  taxes to deter tax increases.”

Revenue raised by excise taxes on products like tobacco is Fool’s Gold that rarely ever materializes. TPA is urging all citizens to resist these tax increases and sign the Petition to Oppose International Taxes.  These attempts at establishing international tax regimes need to be stopped. American taxpayers and consumers should not be subjected to taxes instituted by international organizations that don’t necessarily share the interests of the United States.

ERB runs from September 7 through September 10.

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