TPA Praises Planned Appointment of Larry Kudlow as White House National Economic Council Director

Grace Morgan

March 14, 2018

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Contact: Grace Morgan
March 14, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) praised President Trump for announcing his intention to appoint Larry Kudlow as the new head of the White House National Economic Council.

TPA President David Williams commended the decision, stating that, “Larry Kudlow has long championed free enterprise and has consistently supported spending reform to shield taxpayers from government waste. Kudlow has tirelessly argued through his print, radio, and television commentary over the years that government intervention in the economy through high taxation and tariffs harms customers and taxpayers.” 

Williams continued, citing Larry Kudlow’s steadfast commitment to free trade: “Kudlow’s appointment could not come at a more critical time. The Administration’s weighing of further tariffs, coupled with continuing negotiations over NAFTA, requires a seasoned voice of reason. The longtime commentator and analyst has rightly pointed out time and time again that trade protectionism costs U.S. jobs and increases prices on hardworking customers. This track record shows that the Administration will gain yet another voice committed to lower taxes and less government intrusion into the marketplace.”

Williams concluded: “In the post-tax reform political environment, it’s all-too-easy to be blindsided by taxes in disguise and onerous government mandates. Kudlow’s long record championing limited government shows that he can steer the Trump Administration away from the siren songs of protectionism, reckless spending, and internet sales taxation. His counsel will be a positive influence on the federal government and help craft pro-prosperity policies that will strengthen the economy.”