TPA Finds $10 Billion in Earmarks in Senate Defense Spending Bill

Michi Iljazi

June 21, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) released a list of earmarks stuffed into the fiscal year 2017 Senate Defense Appropriations Act.   TPA combed through the Bill and found 235 earmarks totaling $10.1 billion (click here to see the full list).

As with the House version, there were many familiar wasteful projects that once again found their way into the Senate bill. Failed programs like the F-35, the Littoral Combat Ship, and the Abrams Tank all had earmarked money included in the Senate bill. The continued waste at the Pentagon shows the real need for more transparency.  It is becoming increasingly clear that Congress is continuing to earmark money for their pet projects even though there is an earmark ban in the House and Senate.

TPA President David Williams called out lawmakers in a statement released today:

“Just days after the House passed their version of the Defense spending bill filled with earmarks, TPA uncovered billions of dollars worth of earmarks in the Senate Bill.  In fact, the Bill contains more than $10 billion in projects that the Pentagon didn’t ask for in their budget request for the next fiscal year. Pet projects are not the answer to keeping Americans safe.  And, spending billions of dollars on unrequested and unnecessary projects is clearly not the answer to getting the national debt under control,” said Williams. Calling out elected officials, Williams continued by saying, “Lawmakers on all sides need to stand up for taxpayers and do the right thing and eliminate all earmarks. Throwing money into wasteful, unnecessary, and failing weapons programs isn’t a strategy for defending the country, it is a recipe for fiscal disaster.”

You can see the full list of the 235 earmarks here.