TPA Extends Radio Ad Opposing Gaming Special Session in Maryland: It’s A Question of Basic Fairness

David Williams

July 12, 2012

Full Press release (with transcript):

July 12, 2012

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Taxpayers Protection Alliance Extends Radio Ad Opposing Gaming Special Session in Maryland: It’s A Question of Basic Fairness

Alexandria, Va. – The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA), a national public interest group, has announced it will continue running state-wide radio ads in opposition to any plans to lower tax rates for casino operators. 

“We are not opposed to gaming overall.  What we are opposed to is giving tax breaks to casino operators while increasing taxes on hard-working and hard-pressed Marylanders to pay for it,” said TPA President David Williams. “Despite Governor O’Malley’s announcement that there will be no special session this week, he continues to leave the door open for future consideration of this measure.  We will continue to keep highlighting the flaws of this proposal.”

Williams said any future special sessions would not allow the legislature to act in “regular order” with appropriate committee hearings, allowing citizens a chance to weigh in, or allowing ample time for public comment in Prince George’s county or elsewhere.

“It is inconceivable that the Governor felt this plan to build a casino was enough of an emergency to consider convening a special session of the state legislature.  This will not help create jobs in Garrett or Wicomico counties,” Williams said.  “This special session will not come up with a comprehensive plan to help small businesses begin and grow. And, it will not deal with some natural disaster.  Real solutions are needed to address Maryland’s long-term problems and business climate that is driving people out of the state.”

“Fair,” will continue on airwaves throughout the state.



Transcript of “Fair”


It’s a question of basic fairness.

Even with a struggling economy, the state legislature just passed a half-billion dollar per year tax increase on Maryland’s working families…

…While cutting spending on education, and other vital state programs.

Now the legislature could convene a special session.

And what’s on the agenda?

A massive tax giveaway to billionaire casino special interests.

Even though it raised your taxes, the legislature may actually cut taxes on casino operators-a huge tax break at a time when our economy is struggling, and working class families are making do with less.

Call your legislator today at 1-800-492-7122

Tell them to oppose a special session for gambling interests. It’s wrong to put special interests ahead of working class Maryland families-it’s a question of fairness.

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