Taxpayers Protection Alliance Congratulates President-Elect Donald Trump

David Williams

November 9, 2016

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) congratulates President-Elect Donald Trump for his victory last night. Without question, the country clearly spoke with a voice that wants change in Washington.  With a $19 trillion debt, an economy that continues to struggle, agency regulations running wild, and an antiquated tax system, there are plenty of problems to solve and no time to waste.

From more than $136 billion in improper payments to a wasteful and unnecessary catfish program, spending has spiraled out of control. Spending reduction and waste elimination must be a top priority for the new administration. Congressional earmarks are still a problem, despite a ban.  Last year, TPA identified 365 earmarks worth $14.8 billion in the Defense spending bill.  President-elect Trump must veto any spending bill with earmarks.

Instead of increasing the Pentagon’s budget, President-elect Trump must insist on an audit of the Pentagon immediately. Auditing the Pentagon enjoys bipartisan support and it is the law of the land that must finally be followed. It is important for national and fiscal security to audit the Pentagon.

Comprehensive tax reform is an absolute must for the new administration and TPA is encouraged by some of the things that have been said during the campaign. There is a willingness from the incoming President to work on this issue and that is positive news. The tax code is complicated, confusing, out of date and it is costing Americans billions of hours and dollars on just compliance.  After more than 30 years since the last time the United States had comprehensive tax reform, it is time to do it all over again. The tax code must be reformed at the individual level as well as the corporate level so that it no longer contains 4 million words nor keeps the U.S. with the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  Those dubious distinctions have stifled investment and forced companies to invert or leave the country. That must change and the new administration must work with Congress to make that change a reality.

President-elect Trump must also address the over-burdensome regulatory regime.  Regulations are the silent killer of small and large businesses. The total cost of regulations annually is nearing $2 trillion and with laws like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, the end of the regulatory state is nowhere in sight. It is time to repeal and replace Obamacare with a free-market healthcare plan for the country that helps to provide access while bolstering the quality of care. Dodd-Frank must be dismantled and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be completely scrapped. The Clean Power Plan must also be put to rest as it is harming the energy sector all across the country and providing cover for crony bailouts like the ones we’ve seen in New York. 

The new administration must also get to work on making sure that judges who are appointed to the federal bench have the interests of taxpayers and the constitution. The courts should not be a rubber stamp for government control and should be willing to challenge lawmakers and the executive branch when they overreach.

Despite his rhetoric on trade, President-elect Trump must pivot and embrace free trade and eliminate tariffs on imported goods.  Any tariff imposed on imports is nothing more than a tax increase and will harm our ability to compete economically around the world

TPA has the resources to help the new President as he and his administration embark on this new journey. This organization wants to be an ally of the White House and work with them to advance goals that help to protect taxpayers, advance the economy, and reduce the size of government. However, when necessary, TPA will challenge the actions of the next administration as we have administrations in the past. 

Finally, as the transition of power begins to take place, TPA wants our members and allies to know that this organization will continue to fight for the priorities that we have always fought for. Protecting taxpayers is what TPA is about, and that will never change.

A pdf version of this statement can be found here.

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