Taxpayers Are in Love With Tax Reform. What About Members of Congress?

Michi Iljazi

February 8, 2016

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches.  With that in mind, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) launched a Valentine’s Day themed campaign designed to address the serious issue of tax reform for members of Congress. The “Love is Patient, Taxpayers Aren’t” campaign (click here for press release) sums up the desire for immediate tax reform.  Much like the holiday of Valentine’s Day, the campaign will be conducted with the passage of cards, candy and alluring messages.

As part of the campaign, members of Congress and their staff will be sent a BuzzFeed-style personality quiz to see if their views truly are aligned with tax reform. The results of the quiz are simple – either the member of Congress is in favor of economy boosting tax reform, or they oppose tax.  TPA will also encourage Capitol Hill to utilize our snapchat filter that features conversation hearts adorned with tax reform messages such as “Tax Reform BAE (Before Anything Else)” and “Tax Reform 2016.”  Additionally, Congress will be sent eCards featuring tax reform memes with holiday-themed facts such as: “There are 75 thousand pages in the US Tax Code. That’s enough paper to write a love letter every day for the next 200 years.”

Congress ultimately holds the power to address tax reform.  The good news is that there has been some interest in moving on the problem. In the past few months, bills have been introduced and hearings have been held that all reflect the point TPA has been driving at. The overwhelming consensus is that the U.S. needs to keep up with the rest of the world by simplifying the tax code and bringing taxes down to competitive rates. Hopefully this flirtation with tax reform continues.

Love, unfortunately, is often complicated and difficult to understand. Taxes don’t have to be. That is why the “Love is Patient, Taxpayer’s Aren’t” campaign chose to utilize Valentine’s Day to get the important message of tax reform out. Taxpayers need to remind their elected officials that their patience is wearing thin, and a change is way overdue. This Valentine’s Day, send a valentine to your sweetheart. We’ll send a loving reminder to our policymakers that comprehensive tax reform is BAE.

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