EARMARK ALERT: TPA Finds Earmarks In Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Bill


September 12, 2011

As the first group to uncover NASA earmarks in the 2011 Continuing Resolution for fiscal year (FY) 2011 and earmarks in the FY 2012 House Defense Appropriations Bill, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) has found more earmarks, this time in the FY 2012 Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Bill.  Breaking their pledge not to earmark any appropriations bills, TPA has preliminarily found 24 earmarks worth $279 million that were put into the Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Land Management accounts.  It doesn’t appear that Senate appropriators have gotten the message that taxpayers are fed up with earmarks.  None of the projects listed below received a budget request.

Army Corps of Engineers

General Investigations

Additional funding for ongoing work:

Remote coastal or small watersheds:  $2,000,000

Shore Protection:  $3,000,000

Small, remote or subsistence navigation:  $1,500,000

Flood damage reduction: $11,000,000

Ecosystems restoration or environmental compliance:  $1,500,000

Inland navigation:  $3,000,000

Coastal and deep draft navigation:  $10,500,000

Multi-purpose:  $4,000,000

Operation and Maintenance

Additional funding for ongoing work:

Small, remote or subsistence harbor maintenance:   $30,000,000

Inland navigation channel navigation maintenance:  $15,000,000

Commercial harbor maintenance: $55,000,000

Miscellaneous maintenance:  $34,000,000

Multi-purpose project O&M:  $9,000,000

Bureau of Land Management

Water and Related Resources

Central Valley Project:

San Joaquin restoration:  $9,000,000

Additional funding for ongoing work:

Rural water:  $21,000,000

Fish passage and fish screens:  $4,000,000

Water conservation and delivery studies and projects and activities:  $8,000,000

Environmental restoration and compliance:   $5,000,000

Additional maintenance needs:  $2,500,000

Indian water rights settlements:

Taos:  $4,000,000

AAMODT: $9,400,000

Navajo-Gallup:  $23,754,000

White Mountain Apache:  $4,950,000

Crow:  $8,336,000

TOTAL = $279,440,000