Bolstering IP, New Website Promotes Locations for Legal Content

Michi Iljazi

November 14, 2014

Intellectual Property (IP) continues to be a major factor in helping to drive today’s global economy. Innovation and economic expansion are buoyed as IP is strengthened, as shown by a recent report from the US Chamber of Commerce. Though Congress has been quiet since early summer on this issue, there is hope the new Congress will pick up where this Congress (now a Lame Duck) left off.

There’s no question that as technologies change it becomes increasingly important to keep up with those changes and make sure that consumers and businesses have the tools they need in order to enjoy the content in the digital marketplace that they most enjoy.

Just this week a new tool for helping to find and locate legal content online was launched. Todd Spangler of the Variety reported:

MPAA — upping efforts to help consumers find legal sources of content instead of pirating it — has rolled out, an advertising-free entertainment search engine designed to point people to TV shows and movies from authorized sources.

MPAA Chair (and former Senator) Chris Dodd noted that: is a one-stop shop where you can search for your favorite movies and TV shows online quickly, simply and in an ad-free environment.  We connect you directly to content sites that provide every option available to buy, rent or stream the title you’re looking for.  Provide a zip code and we’ll provide you with show times and locations for movies in theaters nearby.  You can watch trailers and check out behind the scenes features produced by our online magazine, The Credits.  You also have the ability to set alerts powered by GoWatchIt and receive notifications when the content you are interested in becomes available from your favorite providers.

This is a step forward in an effort to ensure consumers in the digital marketplace have the information they need about the content they desire and where they can go to find it. The Los Angeles Times pointed out how this new site is more advanced from previous efforts:

The site, billed as a more robust version of a similar site launched a year ago, allows consumers to search for a given movie or TV show, connecting them directly to various platforms where they can buy, rent or stream their favorite title, or receive an alert when it becomes available.

Today’s technology is advancing by the minute, and millions of people are looking for quick and simple ways to enjoy their favorite movies, music and TV. While the importance of instant gratification seems to play a major role with today’s culture, it is important that intellectual property be respected. With, there is now a great resource for consumers who may have a movie in mind or TV show they want to binge on and are wondering where can it be found.

Any growing economy needs strong IP protections. Even though this new service is a great leap forward in providing legal content, Congress still needs to act to protect IP in all sectors of the economy.