TPA Starts New Online Polling Page!

Michi Iljazi

January 12, 2017

This week, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) is beginning a new series of polls (participate here) that we’ll be doing throughout the year. It is important to hear from everyone on the issues that Washington will be tackling in the coming. Topics will range from spending, taxation, regulation, transparency, and any issue that’s important to taxpayers.

The first in our series of polls will be focused on how best to grow our economy. Over the last several years the economy has been stagnant with weak GDP growth and nearly flat wages.  The national debt is climbing to nearly $20 trillion and a weak economy will not help to curb the growing debt. How can the economy be improved so that all taxpayers and businesses are able to benefit? This is the question TPA is asking this week and you can visit the page and vote on the poll by going here.

TPA will be releasing the results of each poll letting our members and stakeholders on the key issues know where you stand and what action you want to see. If you have ideas on any questions that TPA should consider for future polls, feel free to tell us your thoughts at [email protected]