The Expensive Truth Behind Taxpayer-Funded Mail Order Pharmaceuticals, May 2013

Taxpayers Protection Alliance

May 5, 2013

Prescription drug benefits
Health care costs are on the rise and this increase will affect employers, employees and taxpayers. A key part of the health care delivery system in the United States is the use of prescription drugs. According to a 2010 heath care tracking survey, two-thirds of all Americans-and nearly 90 percent of seniors-reported taking at least one prescription drug in the past year. These prescription drug benefits are often built into the underlying health insurance plans. Prescription drug programs can range from minimal and insignificant coverage to full coverage amounting to tens of thousands of dollars per year. The vast majority of health care plans fall somewhere in between and result in billions in healthcare spending per year. While prescription drug benefits only amount to ten percent of all heath care spending in the U.S., this spending can still have a large impact on the cost of health care. Any program of such a large scale can benefit from continued evaluation and cost-control measures.

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