THE DIRTY DOZEN: Examining the Failure of America’s Biggest & Most Infamous Taxpayer-Funded Broadband Networks, July 2016

Taxpayers Protection Alliance

July 3, 2016

Government-owned internet networks have become a popular trend among state and local policymakers across the United States. More than 450 communities are estimated to have some form of taxpayer-funded, government-owned internet service, including more than 80 cities with large-scale public fiber-to-the home broadband networks.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, the popularity of municipal broadband projects tends to overshadow the reality that government broadband networks are almost always a financial catastrophe for the government and its taxpayers. In an effort to “keep up with the Joneses” state and local officials frequently pour money into government internet projects without considering that nearly every government that has gone into the internet business found itself worse off for doing so.

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