Taxpayers Protection Alliance to FCC: Cutting Red Tape to Deploy 5G Will Help Close Digital Divide Without Taxpayer Dollars

Grace Morgan

September 26, 2018

For Immediate Release
Contact: Grace Morgan
September 26, 2018 
(202) 855-4380

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) votes today on rules to help pave the way for 5G growth across the country, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance applauds their actions to bring fast broadband to urban and rural areas.  The FCC will establish a fee guidance schedule that the Commission has determined would be palatable to courts and carriers to help localities recoup costs while also not gouging providers. 

The order would also:

  • Preserve the rights of cities to consider the aesthetics of their neighborhoods when establishing rules for 5G deployment. The cells needed for the new wireless technology are small – about the size of a backpack – but many are required as the signal only travels short distances. 
  • Allow some leeway in “shot clocks” for ruling on deployment requests. Localities will have 60 days to rule on plans for small-cell deployment on existing structures and 90 days when the plans call for new utility poles.
  • Establish rules to keep localities from being drowned by too many documents. Unnecessary paperwork impedes localities’ ability to quickly review proposals for 5G.

TPA President David Williams expressed strong support, noting that, “taxpayers and consumers should be excited about what the FCC is doing to close the digital divide across the country without taxpayer dollars.  The Order will help deploy 5G, which will bring faster speeds to all parts of the country. Recent studies have shown that not only would FCC Commissioner Carr’s plan save $2 billion in wasted fees, it would also create more than 27,000 jobs while stimulating $2.5 billion in small-cell deployments.”

Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation’s Johnny Kampis noted in a recent op-ed that, ” Estimates show that the United States could see $275 billion in investment, 3 million new jobs, and $500 billion in new gross domestic product with the rollout of 5G.”

Williams concluded, “we want to thank Commissioner Carr and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for having a vision of the future with lightning fast broadband speeds and rural connectivity without taxpayer money.”