Watchdog Group Praises FDA for Approving New Harm Reduction Technology

Grace Morgan

April 30, 2019

For Immediate Release
Contact: Grace Morgan
April 30, 2019

– Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it is allowing the selling of a revolutionary tobacco heating system known as IQOS. This reduced-risk product heats tobacco without burning it, allowing smokers the sensation of traditional smoking without releasing harmful carcinogens. Despite these benefits, the FDA took more than 2 years to approve the selling of this product.

Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) president David Williams responded to the news: “the technology’s approval will usher in a new era of risk-reduction that will help the millions of smokers struggling to quit harmful, conventional products. Even though the agency dithered for more than two years before approving this product, the FDA deserves praise for finally listening to the science and allowing this revolutionary product to succeed in the marketplace.”

Williams continued, noting that, “innovative tobacco harm reduction products have been proven in multiple studies to be far safer than cigarettes and have the capacity to save millions of lives. IQOS will give these smokers the opportunity to lead better and healthier lives. But, the FDA can do far more to embrace harm-reduction and promote smoking alternatives. As the next step toward harm reduction, the FDA should resolve to keep vaping products free from onerous regulations.”

Williams concluded: “To me, this groundbreaking approval is more than just another policy victory. My father smoked 3 ½ packs of cigarettes a day for twenty years. He passed away many years ago. I wish he could have had access to products like this. I am glad that people who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes now have access to this new technology.”