Socialized Medicine Not What the Doctor Ordered

Ross Marchand

June 3, 2019

Like most half-baked, big government ideas, “Medicare for All” as proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sounds great on the surface. But as the citizens of countries with socialized medicine have come to learn, “free” medicine is never actually free. Patients regularly have to wait for many months to get life-saving treatments, while drugs to curb dangerous conditions such as high cholesterol are increasingly difficult to come by across Europe. That’s why rich nationals of these beleaguered countries flock to the US regularly to get treatment, even as the poor and working-class are condemned to substandard treatment. 

While the American system is certainly far from perfect, the U.S.’s focus on innovation and rejection of one-size-fits-all pricing makes the U.S. a relatively safe place for medical innovation and cutting-edge treatment. Proposals such as “Medicare for All” and drug price-fixing via the International Pricing Index (proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) would create a system far less friendly to state-of-the-art medical research and jeopardize millions of lives in the process.  

To highlight the contrast between a free-market medical system and a socialist, government-run system that some wish to move the US toward, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance has created a chart comparing and contrasting features of both systems. Markets work better than top-down solutions by encouraging innovation through competition, and empowering patients to select the treatments they see fit. 

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