Free Market Groups Unite Against Healthcare Price Controls

Grace Morgan

March 28, 2019

TPA joined together with free-market groups to explain why the proposed International Pricing Index (IPI) for Medicare Part B drugs will harm taxpayers and chill innovation.

The video features:

1.        David Williams, President of TPA

2.        Kevin Glass, the Vice President of Communications at the National Taxpayer Union

3.        Charles Sauer, the President of the Market Institute

4.        Bryan Reilly, Director of NTU’s Free Trade Initiative

5.        George Landrith, President of Frontiers for Freedom

6.        James Edwards, the Executive Director of Conservatives for Property Rights

7.        Timothy Lee, Senior Vice President of the Center for Individual Freedom

8.        Patrick Hedger, Director of Policy at Freedom Works

Each leader shares their opposition to the policy, explaining how it will hurt patients by restricting access to care and reducing medical innovation which will harm future generations.