TPA Launches New Call Campaign Urging New York State Senators to Fight Cuomo’s Nuclear Bailout

Michi Iljazi

May 17, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) launched a new call campaign urging New York lawmakers to stand up and protect taxpayers from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nuclear bailout. TPA is encouraging its members and supporters to call State Senators Joe Griffo, Kemp Hannon, John Flanagan and Tom Croci to urge them to back a consensus plan to delay new taxes that would hit New Yorkers as a result of Cuomo’s nuclear bailout.  The expensive and unnecessary plan to shift half of the Empire State’s energy consumption to renewables in the next 13 years will cost taxpayers and ratepayers billions of dollars. While electricity costs are increasing, the Governor is sending subsidies to select nuclear plants all owned by the same firm. 

“We are urging Senators Griffo, Hannon, Flanagan, and Croci to strongly back the plan to delay new taxes associated with Governor Cuomo’s unpopular and ill-advised nuclear bailout,” said TPA President David Williams. “The plan the Governor pushed through with the Public Service Commission was a back-room deal done with little transparency and no chance for opponents to voice their concerns. It is nothing more than a tax hike and a rate increase on New York taxpayers and consumers.  This is a hidden tax of $800 million for residents of Long Island and a multi-billion increase in utility costs for the rest of New York. That’s not how to protect taxpayers and ratepayers in New York.”

“It’s time for the Senate to step up and for members who claim to be fiscally responsible to start acting like it. Right now, there is action in Albany that will delay the tax for a year. Republicans in the Senate should support this moratorium,” said Williams.

“Delaying the increased taxes for one year would be an immediate win that would buy time to make sure this issue gets more attention so that all taxpayers and ratepayers can see exactly how bad Gov. Cuomo’s nuclear bailout is for all New York citizens,” Williams concluded.