New Report Shows That a Little Commonsense Can Go A Long Way

David Williams

October 25, 2012

Don’t believe what they tell you, there is a way to reduce government spending that doesn’t involve raising taxes or making difficult choices about what programs to cut.  A great way to reduce the amount that the government spends simply involves using the money in both a wise and careful manner which is something our government appears to have forgotten for quite a long time.  As with most things, when people work smarter, rather than harder we all stand to benefit.  The same can be said for the way government should work in order to produce the most efficient, helpful results.

A recently introduced campaign, “Cut the Deficit,” launched by Rosslyn Analytics, is one way to ensure government uses its resources, your tax dollars, in the most effective, cost-saving way possible.  With its “Cut the Deficit” campaign, Rosslyn Analytics will educate taxpayers and public sector employees about ways to better manage taxpayer dollars and deliver savings.

The prospect of saving $100 billion by improving public sector procurement practices is a prospect that should cause all elected officials to perk up.  “Public sector procurement is the biggest lever that the government – federal, state and local – has to deliver cash savings, support job creation and reaffirm the US’ global economic leadership,” said Colin Cram, the author of the report.  In fact according to the non-partisan group, the United States could create more than 2.2 million jobs by improving the way the federal government, states and cities manage the country’s $2 trillion annual public procurement spending.

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance supports Rosslyn Analytics non-partisan “Cut the Deficit” campaign to save the country $100 billion through smarter procurement.  Private sector organizations have much needed expertise and technology that government agencies and departments often lack – resources they desperately require in order to quickly tackle our dangerously high deficit and bring better accountability to how taxpayer money is spent.

This campaign and report can both tap into important elements necessary for government to improve and function at its best, which will mean serving taxpayers in the best way possible.  Those important elements entail recognizing the values and procurement strategies that the private sector employs.  The government should look to the private sector and heed its ingenuity and resourcefulness.  Money saved is money the government is not wasting and provides a welcomed relief for all taxpayers.  The more tools that government employees can utilize to be more productive and complete tasks in an accurate and expedient way, the better for all of us.  Rather than shunning and demonizing the successful strategies that the private sector companies implement, the government’s time and taxpayers’ money should be spent emulating these successful standards and techniques.

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