Game Day – Senate Set to Vote on Cut, Cap, and Balance

David Williams

July 22, 2011

On Tuesday the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2560, the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, the only plan that finally forces the federal government to live within its means. Today (July 22) the bill will be voted on in the Senate, and taxpayers need your help to pressure vulnerable Democratic Senators to support it!  (click herehere, and here to read previous posts regarding CCB)

There are eight Democratic Senators that may hold America’s future in their hands.  If they allow the Senate to thoroughly debate and discuss the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act– and the American people to fully engage themselves as they watch – the bill will have a fair chance to pass the Senate.

These Senators must not allow Harry Reid to use procedural tricks to kill the bill without honest debate.

Call them all RIGHT NOW and ask them to support the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act!

Senator Jon Tester- 202-224-2644

Senator Ben Nelson- 202-224-6551

Senator Joe Manchin- 202-224-3954

Senator Mark Pryor- 202-224-2353

Senator Bob Casey- 202-224-6324

Senator Debbie Stabenow- 202-224-4822

Senator Claire McCaskill- 202-224-6154

Senator Bill Nelson- 202-224-5274

After you call, please e-mail the Taxpayers Protection Alliance and let us know about the phone call.