TPA Releases TV Ad “Fast One” Opposing Plans To Cut Taxes For Billionaire Casino Interests

David Williams

July 19, 2012

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July 19, 2012

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TPA Releases TV Ad “Fast One” Opposing Plans To Cut Taxes For Billionaire Casino Interests

 Alexandria, VA – The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) today announced the release of “Fast One,” a television ad opposing the prospective  plans to expand gaming through a special legislative session this summer.

“Governor O’Malley and several legislators are trying to pull a ‘fast one’ on Maryland residents, taxpayers and voters,” said TPA President David Williams.  “All of the political maneuvering does not change the fact that the state is going out of its way to give tax cuts to billionaire casino interests just after raising taxes on Maryland families.”

The Governor has expressed a desire to convene a special session to address building a sixth gaming site in Maryland – most likely at National Harbor – and forming a commission to set tax rates for casino operators.

“Governor O’Malley’s latest idea to allow a new gaming commission to determine casino tax rates after voters would decide this issue in November is more absurd than any of his previous ideas on this issue.  This proposal mirrors asking someone to sign a contract, committing to buy a house without knowing the price before closing.  If the Governor wants voters to decide this matter, he needs to provide them with the exact information of what they are voting on, including the tax rate.”

“A special session serves no purpose, other than to ramrod this proposal through the legislature without adequate oversight.  Additionally, creating a commission to determine tax policy solves nothing; any recommendations it makes are non-binding,” Williams said.  “This is just a ploy to prevent legislators from openly supporting casino special interests at the expense of Maryland taxpayers before the fall elections.  It is a textbook example of politicians trying to avoid accountability.”

The ad begins running in Baltimore today. It closes by urging Maryland residents to tell their legislators to oppose a special session on gaming. Click here to watch “Fast One.”

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