TPA Reacts to Passage of CR and Passage of AHCA in the House

Michi Iljazi

May 5, 2017

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) reacted to Congressional action on two major fronts: government spending and healthcare. After a busy week in Washington. Congress was able to pass a spending bill that guranteed government funding through late September and prevented a shutdown. The House was able to pass the American Health Care Act after pulling the legislation from the floor a few months ago. TPA President David Williams reacted to both of these developments yesterday as dual statements were released.

First, on the passage of a spending bill, TPA President David Williams had the following to say:

“Another self-manufactured crisis has been averted in Washington.  Unfortunately this has become all too common for Congress.” Williams criticized Congress for adding more in spending to an already bloated Pentagon budget, “Increasing spending at the Pentagon is not the way to get accountability at the only agency that has never submitted a full audit, despite being legally required to do so. Instead of increasing spending at the Defense Department, lawmakers should be scrapping wasteful programs like the F-35 and Littoral Combat Ship.”

Williams noted that while the CR now gives time for lawmakers to work on the FY 2018 budget, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done. “We need tax reform, and we need to get back to regular order. Congress has a lot of time left in 2017 and they need to use that time productively to get things done for taxpayers that will benefit the economy, small businesses, and working families who continue to struggle because of inaction in Washington.”

Williams concluded by offering cautious optimism going forward, “We have to get the economy back on track and start incentivizing businesses and providing them with opportunities to compete abroad. Getting back to regular order should be a priority for Congress along with comprehensive tax reform, regulatory reform, and spending reform. The spending bill provides lawmakers with the time needed to make those priorities a reality.”

Second, Willams commented on passage of the AHCA in the house:

“After more than seven years of Obamacare distorting the healthcare market, increasing costs, and wreaking havoc on the economy with burdensome taxes and regulations, Congress finally took a major step forward in addressing the problems facing the healthcare system.” 

Williams also noted that passage in the House is only the beginning to fully correct the mistakes of Obamacare. “TPA is hopeful that the Senate will improve the legislation so the Senate, House and White House can come together in order to fully repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Williams finished by saying, “The American Health Care Act provides the first meaningful reform on entitlements in decades and gives states more control, provides immediate tax relief to millions of Americans, provides regulatory relief to businesses all across the country, and provides a path forward to move away from the unsustainable status quo in healthcare today.”