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  • Proposed Moon Misson Offers Little Value at Astronomical Cost

    Ross Marchand on February 5, 2018

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    This article originally appeared in Wired on February 5, 2018

    When it comes to space policy, reliving the glory days too often means pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into black holes. Preliminary budget plans suggest that the Trump Administration will provide funding for Space Policy Directive 1, which tasks NASA with getting humans back to the moon for the first time in over 45 years. NASA is already testing the feasibility of using the Orion space capsule to get humans to and from alien worlds. President Trump’s directive, hatched from a unanimous recommendation from the National Space Council in June, has the agency eager to prove that it can once again taxi humans into space.

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  • The Super Bowl Is Sucking Up Taxpayer’s Money — Whether They Like It Or Not

    Johnny Kampis on February 2, 2018

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    This article originally appeared in The Daily Caller on February 1, 2018

    When Super Bowl LII takes place in the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday, it will occur in the house that taxpayers built. In an ever-growing race to offer more and more subsidies to owners of professional sports franchises – with the National Football League being the king – Minnesota taxpayers forked over nearly $500 million of the $1.1 billion cost to build the replacement for the Metrodome. The amount of write-offs that are handed out to such teams are so outlandish that Minnesota has been eclipsed by three other NFL teams.  

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  • Will Eye Care Lobbyists Retain Their Consumer Rights Loophole?

    David Williams on December 26, 2017

    eyeglasses, book, magnification, paper
    This article originally appeared in The Daily Caller on December 20, 2017.

    Despite the efforts of many to “drain the swamp” of special interests, lobbyists are still making gains in President Donald J. Trump’s Washington. While members of the House of Representatives are showing progress in fact-checking special interests’ claims, crony influence peddlers still have one piece of valuable leverage on their side: the limited time on members’ clocks.

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  • VICTORY! Taxpayers Protection Alliance Applauds President Trump for Enacting Historic Tax Reforms

    Grace Morgan on December 22, 2017

    Image result for president trump signing tax bill
    Photo credit: NBC News 

    . – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) applauded President Trump for signing into law the first comprehensive tax reform package in 31 years. » Read More
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance Congratulates House and Senate For Passing Comprehensive Tax Reform Package

    Grace Morgan on December 20, 2017

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    . – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) congratulated the House and Senate for passing the first comprehensive tax reform package in 31 years.

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  • TPA Urges Members of Congress to Vote Yes on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    David Williams on December 19, 2017

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    The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA), representing millions of taxpayers across the country, urges the House of Representatives to vote YES for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. TPA is encouraged by the final tax reform package crafted by the conference committee.  This legislation will provide comprehensive tax relief for millions of Americans. » Read More
  • Taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill for exoplanets and supercolliders

    Ross Marchand on December 11, 2017

    Image result for telescope in space

    This article originally appeared in The Washington Examiner on December 11, 2017

    Discoveries beyond the solar system are exciting, so long as the price tag remains hidden from the public view. NASA recently released a technical/cost analysis on their ambitious Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) to little fanfare. WFRIST, designed to provide a high-resolution mapping of the universe and explore planets outside our solar system (exoplanets), had its cost originally pegged at $3.2 billion. Now, the cost is expected to be around $4 billion due to the planned “technological demonstration” of expensive coronagraph equipment. And $4 billion may be low considering the inevitable cost overruns with any government project.

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  • TPA Leads Coalition Against Tariffs on Washing Machines

    David Williams on December 8, 2017

    Related image

    On behalf of the undersigned organizations, representing millions of American taxpayers, we urge you to reject the unnecessary, overly broad relief recommended by the International Trade Commission in Inv. No. TA-201-76 – a safeguard investigation initiated by Whirlpool pertaining to the import of large residential washers. We urge you to carefully consider the effects of any relief that would harm American job creation, American economic growth, and investment in America. Whirlpool’s attempt to stifle U.S. competition and U.S. consumer choice by effectively prohibiting imports of washers and restricting access to parts is directly contrary to your job-creation agenda and the good work done by local leaders in South Carolina and Tennessee to attract investment by state-of-the-art manufacturers.

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  • Obama’s Failed Stimulus Still Fleecing Taxpayers

    David Williams on December 6, 2017

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    This article originally appeared on on December 5, 2017

    It’s not healthy to dwell on the past.  But, for the taxpayers across the country, it is important to learn from past mistakes.  The continued problems with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), aka Stimulus Plan, is a good lesson as to what not to do.  The nearly trillion-dollar spending package, passed on a party-line vote in 2009, was supposed to rocket the economy out of the recession. » Read More
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance Praises Senate Success in Passing Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    David Williams on December 2, 2017

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Taxpayers Protection Alliance congratulates the Senate for passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act early Saturday morning in a 51-49 vote. This is an important step in lowering taxes for all Americans and making America more competitive globally. » Read More
  • TPA Encourages Senate to Vote YES on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    David Williams on November 30, 2017

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    The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA), representing millions of taxpayers across the country, urges the Senate to vote YES for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Comprehensive tax reform is a necessity to push our economy forward. We must seize this critical opportunity to provide tax cuts for the middle class and bring American jobs back from overseas. » Read More
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance Praises Senate Tax Reform Package

    Grace Morgan on November 17, 2017

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    TPA President David Williams applauded the reform package, saying, "Leader McConnell, Chairman Hatch, and all members of Senate Finance Committee are working tirelessly to ensure that this package delivers tax cuts for all Americans. We are encouraged that this tax plan provides for a clearer tax code that taxpayers can finally understand. With our current tax code containing 2.4 million words, families and businesses are forced to spend considerable time and money in complying with the code’s intricacies.” » Read More
  • TPA Urges House to Vote Yes to H.R.1-- Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    David Williams on November 15, 2017

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    The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA), representing millions of taxpayers across the country, urges all members of the House of Representatives to vote for H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. H.R. 1 is an important step in overhauling the tax code. More than 31 years have passed since the last time comprehensive tax reform was passed. Since then, the tax code has ballooned to more than 2 million words and businesses have left the United States in search of lower taxes overseas. » Read More
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance Praises Tax Reform Package Presented by Chairman Kevin Brady

    Grace Morgan on November 2, 2017

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    . – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) applauded the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” presented this morning by House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (TX-8). TPA President David Williams praised the reform package, saying, "We are encouraged that this plan will simplify the tax code, boost small businesses, and create a fair playing field for the middle-class. The tax plan presented provides the framework for individual tax reform, with a reduction in tax brackets from seven to four. The plan also simplifies the tax code, which already contains 2.4 million words.  To put that into perspective, the novel War and Peace has 587,000 words. ”

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  • TPA’s Tricks and Treats for 2017

    David Williams on October 31, 2017

    It’s Halloween night, and someone- or something- knocks on the door. Is it a poltergeist coming to inflict torment, or a kid dressed in a not-yet-retro “Ken Bone” sweater costume? The kids smile and bid adieu, as the bowl filled with reduced-sugar Twizzlers and Hershey nuggets slowly empties. But regardless of how many kids live in the neighborhood or the hour of the night, the fearful prospect of Uncle Sam stretching out his hand to trick taxpayers is ever-present. » Read More
  • In Nixing Soda Taxes, Local Governments Should Follow Cook County’s Lead

    David Williams on October 24, 2017

    This articled appeared in Inside Sources on October 17, 2017.

    In a rare victory for consumers and taxpayers, Cook County, Illinois, lawmakers repealed a 2-month-old tax on sweet drinks this month. The cent-per-ounce tax, a lightning rod of controversy during its brief existence, has already found an army of supporters urging reimplementation. But, despite defenders’ claims that the law was a sound way of filling coffers and curbing obesity, such taxes do little for waistlines or public finances. » Read More
  • The Senate’s FY 2018 Budget Resolution Paves the Way Forward for Tax and Spending Reform

    Ross Marchand on October 18, 2017

    As the Senate gears up to vote on the fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget resolution Thursday afternoon, billions of dollars in spending across the federal government lie on the line. The Senate’s budget resolution takes a $5.1 trillion bite at the federal budget over the next decade, with annual cuts exceeding $100 billion by 2027.  Assuming that the economy chugs along at an average pace of 2.6 percent a year for the next decade, the submitted budget will balance over a ten-year timeframe.

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  • On Tax Reform, American Lawmakers Need to Embrace the Georgian Model

    Ross Marchand on October 12, 2017

    This is the first of a two-part series on public policy in the Republic of Georgia. On Friday, Taxpayers Protection Alliance policy analyst Ross Marchand will address the International Black Sea University in Tbilisi on economic reform in Georgia and the United States.

    When comparing the United States to the small Asian nation of Georgia, it's easy to dwell on the differences. At first glance, the former Soviet republic bears little in common with America, both in culture and politics. But Georgians' enthusiastic embrace of free-market principles and responsible governing offers many parallels and lessons for lawmakers in Washington, DC. While left-leaning politicians and talking heads lovingly long for the "Swedish model," taxpayers and consumers would be best served by the Georgian model. 

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  • Tax Reform Must Include IRS Reform

    Ross Marchand on October 6, 2017

    IRS Pic
    This article appeared in The Daily Caller on September 29, 2017

    Congress sits on the verge of comprehensive tax reform for the first time since 1986. Individuals and businesses of all sizes will likely find plenty to like in the bracket consolidations and rate reductions in forthcoming legislation. Absent all of the excited chatter about full expensing and low pass-through rates is a sober discussion of the problems facing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Taxpayers and policy wonks can’t be blamed for ignoring one of the least-popular federal agencies in the United States. But given the vital role that the IRS plays in realizing any changes to the tax law, lawmakers must ensure that the agency is well equipped to deal with a completely reformatted code.

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  • With Comprehensive Tax Reform, America is Poised to Prosper

    Ross Marchand on September 28, 2017

    September 26 through October 1 is Tax Reform Week for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA).  Leading up to, and after our press conference with the National Taxpayers Union this morning at 10:15 am at the House Triangle (
    media advisory here), TPA will be highlighting the need for comprehensive tax reform.  Our third and final installment outlines the importance of comprehensive tax reform.

    The tax code is a complete and utter mess. Individual tax reform is an absolute necessity.  The tax code is more than 4 million words, hopelessly stacking the deck against individuals trying to comply with the code.  The Taxpayer Advocate Service estimates that taxpayers spend more than 6 billion hours complying with the Tax Code. In estimating the value of that time, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) calculates that an astounding $262 billion is lost to tax compliance each year. In the absence of comprehensive tax reform, that figure will only increase year after year.

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