In Washington, Some Proposals Like Indexing Capital Gains are Worth Fighting For

For the past eight years, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) has tackled many issue areas, made plenty of enemies (and friends), and forced organizations like the United States Postal Service to go on the defensive. Too often, ill-considered policies such as tariffs hog the limelight at the expense of promising proposals such as capital gains indexation. Free-market groups such as TPA, and policymakers, must take a forceful stand against government meddling in the economy while championing continued tax reform. The job isn’t easy, but politicians must be held accountable for the bad and the good.

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Payday Loan ‘Protections’ Would Harm Millions of Struggling Americans

This week could’ve been a terrible one for millions of low-income American consumers. If Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rules set up in 2017 had been allowed to proceed, lenders that provide short-term cash to help struggling Americans cover unexpected expenses would had to have cleaned out their offices by August 19 and shut their doors forever. Fortunately, the Trump administration reversed course and made sure that 19 million vulnerable Americans weren’t stripped of the vital financial services they desperately rely on. By trying to eliminate these much-needed financial services, the CFPB demonstrated just how out-of-touch elite bureaucrats are with the lives of working-class Americans.

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Tobacco Harm Reduction: Myth vs Reality

In response to consumer demand and heightened awareness of the dangers of smoking traditional combustible cigarettes, innovative reduced risk devices are being offered to consumers. It is important for Congress and the Food and Drug Administration to recognize the importance of these new products such as vaping and new “heat not burn” technology. Millions of people around the world are seeing the benefits of these new harm reduction products, and evidence shows they have the capacity to save 6.6 million American lives over the next decade.1

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