TPA Releases Statement on House Passage of Continuing Resolution

Michi Iljazi

September 17, 2014

Tonight, the House of Representatives passed yet another short-term spending bill to keep the government open, by a vote of 319 to 108. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) released the following statement:

September 17, 2014

Continuing Resolution Latest in Continuing Disappointments from Congress

Taxpayers lose as corporate welfare extended in stopgap spending bill

ALEXANDRIA, VA –Tonight, the United States House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through December 11, 2014 and the legislation is on its way to the Senate for likely passage and then to the President for his signature. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) is extremely disappointed in this latest half-measure to fund the government that not only ensures continued protection for the crony Export-Import Bank, but also leaves in doubt whether or not taxpayers will be able to be protected from Internet Access taxes in the long-term. TPA has several issues with this continuing resolution but there are a few that stand out.

First, the extension of the Export-Import Bank that is included in the CR is a troubling development on a fight that has been taking up a great deal of debate on Capitol Hill over recent months. The extension goes well into 2015, leaving the possibility that a long-term extension for Ex-Im may be in the works. TPA opposes extension of the bank because it is a major enabler of the worst kind of corporate welfare that leaves taxpayers at risk, costs American jobs, and undercuts the very idea of free-market principles in a global economy.

Second, the bill includes only a mere five-week extension to the moratorium on Internet Access taxes. The moratorium was originally set to expire on November 1, 2014; now it is slated to expire in early December. This sets up yet another debate on the issue and TPA is very concerned there will be an attempt to couple a permanent extension with passage of an Internet Sales tax. The two issues are separate and should not be handled in a lame duck session of Congress, when politicians are unlikely to be held accountable.

“Congress was completely wrong on this CR regarding some very important issues for taxpayers and it’s not only disappointing, it’s outrageous,” said TPA President David Williams. “Ending the Export Import Bank and permanently extending the moratorium on Internet Access taxes would be major victories for taxpayers and this CR could have done both.”

Williams continued, “It has become something of a repetitive game in Washington when it comes to these short-term funding measures and the Senate has been a large part of the problem. The Senate continues a dereliction of duty as appropriations bills sit in that chamber, then we get to the fall and the money runs out and taxpayers continue to see no sense of urgency to cut long-term spending in any way, shape, or form. Until Congress gets serious about putting forth a sensible budget, taxpayers will continue to lose.”

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