The World Health Organization Is Out Of Control

As the United Nations’ dedicated public health agency, one might assume that the World Health Organization (WHO) is doing everything in its power to fight the deadly coronavirus. Unfortunately, the lavishly taxpayer-funded global bureaucracy has fallen down on the job, seeming more concerned with vindicating China than providing leadership to the rest of the world. With annual “contributions” to the WHO totaling roughly half a billion dollars, U.S. taxpayers deserve better. They should demand greater transparency and oversight before more money is wasted propping up a failed organization.

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Surprise Billing Resources

Millions of Americans have received surprise medical bills in the mail weeks, or even months, after receiving emergency services at in-network facilities. Policymakers correctly sense that they must act to prevent this pressing issue. But, some lawmakers insist on using federal fiat to impose rate-setting on America’s medical providers. 

Coronavirus Resource Center

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a global health emergency.  Elected and non-elected officials from around the world will be responding to the crisis with many ideas including direct and indirect bailouts.  TPA is writing and compiling a list of resources and ideas on how to deal with the crisis while protecting taxpayers and consumers. 


Well, here we go again. Why do @SenAlexander and @repgregwalden want to cut the pay for doctors and nurses during a pandemic? Rate-setting was tried in California and was a resounding failure. #TheMoreYouKnow

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