Oppose International Taxes

Oppose International Taxes

Oppose International Taxes

In an effort to bring awareness to, and stop, global taxation, The Taxpayers Protection Alliance is circulating the “Petition to Oppose International Taxes.”  Taxpayers and consumers from around the world should oppose any regional or international tax changes that include harmonizing tax rates or introducing new taxes either by the European Union (EU) or the United Nations (UN).  Tax harmonization in the EU would remove tax competition, a key element of economic growth.  And the proposals from the UN for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and a Solidarity Tobacco Contribution (STC) would set extremely dangerous precedents.  These attempts at establishing international tax regimes should be resisted. The EU and U.N. are not accountable in the same way that national governments are. In democracies, taxpayers can vote periodically against high tax governments. With international institutions, there are fewer checks and balances.

» Read the Petition and sign below.


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