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A Taxing Problem for John Kasich in Ohio
05/27/2015 at 11:31 pm - David Williams


John Kasich was a member of Congress that conservatives could trust when it came to fiscal issues.  His co-sponsorship of the Penny/Kasich plan (named after former Democrat Tim Penny from Minnesota and John Kasich), which would have cut spending and eliminated the deficit, showed that he understood spending.  Unfortunately, his recent actions as Governor may be a sign that he may need a refresher course on tax policy. In February, Gov. Kasich delivered his fiscal year 2016 budget to the Ohio legislature. In the State of the State Address, he described the proposal as “a message to job creators around the state, around the country and around the globe that Ohio is open for business.” Unfortunately, the $5.2 billion increase in sales, commercial activity, and energy and tobacco taxes packaged in the plan is hardly a welcome mat for economic growth. Not surprisingly, the plan drew immediate and acute criticism.

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Thu May 28 23:24 .@SenWarren If you’re such a champion of the small business person, why in the world do you support the Ex-Im Bank? You know, Boeing’s bank.
Thu May 28 20:00 As the business model continues to #FAIL, .@ENERGY is pouring more taxpayer $$$ into #solar:
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Thu May 28 18:00 New #TPA #podcast: .@Drews_Views talks #solar; later #TPA on Charter/TWC: subscribe on iTunes:
Thu May 28 17:00 Bad enough #EPA is throwing out new #regulations, do they have to stifle the 1st amendment too? (via .@dcexaminer)
Thu May 28 16:00 From our friends at .@ntu: a closer look at the spending agenda of .@HillaryClinton:
Thu May 28 15:00 Overload of govt regulations taking a toll on the economy: (via .@politico) #regulations
Thu May 28 14:48 #TPA is here for .@utahtaxpayers conference to hear about how #taxes are impacting jobs & families in Utah!
Thu May 28 14:00 #TPA: Trade Promotion Authority Passes Senate. Now, Time for the House Act #TPA4USJobs #Trade
Thu May 28 13:12 As .@JohnKasich readies his bid for #2016, #TPA has some thoughts on his #tax policy/record:


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Small businesses are undoubtedly the backbone of our economy. We would all agree that more must be done to foster their growth. However, when misguided government efforts to do so lack the appropriate oversight and rules, a few bad acting corporate entities will exploit flawed policies and line their pockets with taxpayer-funded dollars.


Satellite provider Dish Network exemplified this when it took advantage of a program designed to help small business win coveted spectrum in a recent auction held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Dish has an 85-percent financial interest in Northstar Wireless and SNR Wireless, two companies that didn't exist until a few months before the auction. Because they have little to no revenue, they qualified as small businesses under the FCC's Designated Entity (DE) program and got a 25-percent bidding credit. They outbid major competitors on countless occasions, and Dish ultimately won about half of the licenses up for grabs – more than $13 billion worth, with a more than $3 billion discount, courtesy of taxpayers. Only AT&T spent more


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